Get Your Pupillary Distance

Get Your Pupillary Distance

3 Different Ways

Use Your Phone

Use the camera on your phone to measure your PD digitally with this free App. See how here.

Measure Yourself

Using a ruler, a mirror, paper & pencil, you can easily get your own PD measurement. See how here.

Ask Your Doctor

Your doctor will know, or can get your PD using the equipment in their office

Measure Your Own PD

Measure Your Own PD

8 Inches Of Space

Stand about 8" away from a mirror. Make sure you have good lighting so that you can clearly see your beautiful eyes.

Grab Your Ruler

Look straight ahead into the mirror & place the ruler over the bridge of your nose. If you have trouble, ask a friend to help.

Let's Measure

Starting with the right eye, line up the zero end of the ruler at your pupil; measure the distance from your right to your left pupil.


The millimeter number that lines up with your left pupil is the measurement you want. Repeat a few more times for accuracy.

Tools You Will Need

PD Scan Tool

PD Scan Tool

Fastest & Accurate


Download the app from Google Play and then open the app


You'll use your phone to take measurements of your eyes

Plastic Card

A card with a magnetic strip will calibrate measurements.

Tools You Will Need


Frequently Asked Questions

PD, or Pupillary Distance, is simply the distance from the center of your pupils.  It is measured in millimeters from the center of your right eye to the center of your left eye.

This measurement is important to ensure that your prescription is centered.