Biotrue ONEday Presbyopia 90 Pack

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Biotrue ONEday Presbyopia 90 Pack

Enjoy the freedom of one-day disposable contact lenses from Biotrue, right here at Coastal. This box of contacts contains 30 maintenance-free lenses to help you see clearly all day no matter where your busy schedule takes you. Manufactured by Bausch and Lomb with an advanced presbyopic integration, you are ready to tackle any task, near or far.

Utilizing a breakthrough progressive lens technology, Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia contacts offer three unique focus zones for crystal clear vision of near, far, and mid-distant objects. This innovative design provides a full depth of visual crispness, so your vision is just as crisp and clear whether you are reading close up looking at things far away.

Beyond performance, each lens is created to match your eye’s natural environment for maximum comfort. Made from a silky, soft hydrogel membrane that mimics the eye’s moisture level, these contacts deliver reduced irritation for up to 16 hours. Get the hassle-free convenience of a daily with superior performance for your active lifestyle.


B & L



Wear Time

Daily Disposable

Pack Size

90 Packs

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